Video Player Controls and Visual Overhaul | YouTube SponsorBlocker

July 13, 2019




  • Changed the way it detects when a page is not YouTube and prevented lastError.

Before, it attempted to communicate with the tab right when the popup was open. However, if the tab was not a tab, it would not have the content script added to receive the communications. This was fixed by only sending a message when the popup knows the tab is ready.

  • Made it not load the extension on the YouTube homepage and channel pages.

These pages don't have videos that need sponsors removed.

  • Added nice buttons to the popup

  • Made the sponsorships starts button update with the clear times button.

When you hit the "Sponsorship Starts Now" button, it transforms into "Sponsorship Ends Now", this should update whenever a change in what has been recorded has happened.

  • Made the button's nice on the notice and added a notice about the timeout.


  • Made it generate and submit a userID defining this user.

It uses a uuid generator and generates a uuid only if needed.

function getUserID(callback) {
  if (userID != null) {

  //if it is not cached yet, grab it from storage["userID"], function(result) {
    let userIDStorage = result.userID;
    if (userIDStorage != undefined) {
      userID = userIDStorage;
    } else {
      //generate a userID
      userID = generateUUID();
      //save this UUID{"userID": userID});

  • Made time have a zero in front when it is less than 10 seconds.

  • Made submit times not appear when no end time was specified.

This makes the "Submit Sponsor Times" button only be visible when something can be submitted to the database.

  • Added button on YouTube player and new icons to support that


By being a white icon, it does not stand out when in the player and looks normal.

  • Added option to hide the video player controls button in the popup.

  • Made options a hidden section in the popup.

hidden options.gif


  • Added support for receiving a userID

  • Made the server save a hash of their ip with the data.

  • Added global salt for hashed ips

  • Added duplication check.

  • Made it save the time the data was submitted (in unix time)

  • Made error codes returned by the sever intuitive

It now reports correct codes such as error code 429 for a ratelimit.

  • Made it so that each user can only submit 4 sponsorship segments per video

This should help prevent spammers and trolls.


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