UI Elements and Building Improvements | Voster Coaster | VR Roller Coaster Building and Tycoon Game | Development Update

August 21, 2018

(Sorry, my computer cannot handle recording while running in VR well)

radial menu 2.gif



Radial UI

radial menu 4.gif

I created a radial menu,

To select objects, you put your finger on the trackpad and slide around. Depending on how close you are to an option, the option will expand.

I also made it so that the menus can be easily generated for future use.

https://github.com/ajayyy/VosterCoaster/pull/17/files#diff-697c75de88b9a4154bf85fa30d1a0d19 https://github.com/ajayyy/VosterCoaster/pull/17/files#diff-bbd14ff151f2f7f75a517bf65cfe5df1

Floating Windows

floating window.PNG

I wasn't able to get a recording of the floating windows, the recording was 1 frame per second.

There needs to be some way to change a large amount of options. To make this possible, I made floating windows. When you drag on a part of the window that is not a button, then the window will move, otherwise the button will be pressed.

I also added separate images for hovering a button.

Main files: https://github.com/ajayyy/VosterCoaster/pull/17/files#diff-a23ba8873925244e5a1301ad6d9cf68d https://github.com/ajayyy/VosterCoaster/pull/17/files#diff-ed5979ecb002b25add9254d85a4ca478

Track Building Improvements

The track was being offset compared to the actual controller position. This was very bad because it made it so that completing a roller coaster automatically does not work perfectly. This was able to be fixed by offsetting the controller's position.

Vector3 targetPositonOffset = new Vector3(0, 0, trackWidth / 2);
targetPosition += targetPositonOffset;

Fixed Physics Issues

There was an issue where an uphill track was thought to be a downhill track if it was in the opposite direction.

This was caused by the incline using the y axis rotation when that was not necessary.

//necessary to get accurate inclines from inclines after turns
inclineAngleOfTrack -= eulerAnglesOfTrack.y;

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